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domingo, 23 de março de 2014


domingo, 31 de março de 2013

The 4th. step waltz

I've been awake watching you sleep
for many times your company
But this illusion was so vain
you've been floating around the insane
your eyes were closed just too tight
for me to notice what wasn't right.

I counted freckles on your back
As if to-do's I was in lack,
but I just chose to be there, dear
Helping you face your deepest fears
and then those days just passed me by
I realized you no longer mine

I searched for you in lots of places
and kissed your mouth in thousand faces
Heard some loud songs
I hit a bong
then I decided "time to stop"

I figured out in a way, cruel
that all of this wasn't for you
It was me there, and I got scared
of all the things I left to do
so thanks for what you brought to me
this heavy sip of reality

I hope you find someone your way
that like I did, opts to stay
and that this time you stay there too
being both happy, lying on truths
I will recover, I always do
Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose.

quinta-feira, 22 de novembro de 2012


Há tantos de mim por aí
Antônios, Joões, todos espalhados
de ares altivos e bem aprumados
eu mesmo por aí fico

E a ânsia é tanta por conhecer
o dialeto dos crescidos, e à rua dar ouvidos
que não posso, e não lhe culpo
me identifico

Desbravando novos mundos,
e a fronteira de si próprio, faz olhar sem telescópio
universos diminutos, sobre os quais eu não pergunto

Tão heróico esse desprezo
que me corre pela vida, cada vez que ouço a batida
um arrepio violento, que é quente até ao vento
e sem sangue a esvair.

sábado, 13 de outubro de 2012


It's funny how anxious I get
when I try to write my mind
Hard exercise without sweat
seeking for words I can't find

There's a lot of absorption these days
But nobody knows it all at all
I tried to set myself in many ways
but in everything I do I seem to crawl

Isn't it bad to get tired,
little boy?
All these things that you tried
tonight seem to annoy

And all these promises done
when you start something good
end up tough by telephone
look in the eyes requires mood

You bet I can be pretty stupid
but I sure know what's this about
lambs sleep with lambs, wolves with wolves
where do rats spend night out?

what kind of fight
do you want to face?
There's no wrong light
If you want to chase

So get yourself ready and get out of here
All this kindness of you hurt me like a spear
I know I've been very messy but when thoughts start to clear
my real wish repeated three times
disappear, disappear, disappear.